A talk intitulated On Hb-graphs and their application to hypergraph e-adjacency tensor has been accepted: it has been divided in two talks of 20 minutes.

The slides can be found here.


This talk is based on the following pre-print.

arXiv:1805.11952 [pdfpsothercs.DM

Adjacency and Tensor Representation in General Hypergraphs.Part 2: Multisets, Hb-graphs and Related e-adjacency Tensors

Authors: Xavier OuvrardJean-Marie Le GoffStephane Marchand-Maillet

AbstractHyperBagGraphs (hb-graphs as short) extend hypergraphs by allowing the hyperedges to be multisets. Multisets are composed of elements that have a multiplicity. When this multiplicity has positive integer values, it corresponds to non ordered lists of potentially duplicated elements. We define hb-graphs as family of multisets over a vertex set; natural hb-graphs correspond to hb-graphs that have multiplicity function with positive integer values. Extending the definition of e-adjacency to natural hb-graphs, we define different way of building an e-adjacency tensor, that we compare before having a final choice of the tensor. This hb-graph e-adjacency tensor is used with hypergraphs.

Submitted 18 September, 2018; v1 submitted 30 May, 2018; originally announced May 2018.




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